Tuesday, 11 May 2010

a couple of small things.

Working on a little poem that's an attempt to write something funny, but I'm going to play this one a little close to my chest until I've gotten it straightened out, seeing as me trying to be funny doesn't always go very well.

On another note, my seminar group for my Contemporary Literature module had an extended class today with two "Slam" poets, Joe Kriss and Kayo (I think) I-forget-his-surname. It was good fun, Slam Poetry is pretty cool, pretty much just Rap but without music. I ended up having a little go at writing a short section and the Joe and Kayo said they really liked it, in fact Kayo said something along the lines of "you could start a side career in hip hop, I think" which was encouraging.
Those two poets are the headliners for the poetry reading tomorrow night, so I feel lucky to get to read along side some more very talented people. Its also one of my closest friends' birthday tomorrow and I've spent a not insignificant part of this evening preparing her gift, which I think she's going to love (fingers crossed).

So, a few things happening, I'm doing my best to stay active and get my name known a little. What else can I do right now?

Over and out.


Littlefair said...

I want to see more dialogue from you. You know, the sort that builds up characters, defines them.

dialogue like this:

Have you read

Jonathan said...

ahhhhh Danny the Champion of the World! What an excellent book, we used to have it on audio-book when I was a kid and would listen to it on long car journeys and the like.

Unfortunately I couldn't highlight all of that wikipedia article, because it went off the edge of the page in the comments box, what book was it?

Littlefair said...

The Winter of Frankie Machine.
Great gangster type book. Not normally my think but fantastic dialogue and characters...