Wednesday, 31 March 2010

short story competition.

So, I heard about a short story competition from the university, which sounds like fun so I think I'm going to enter.
Its got to be a crime story which isn't something I've done before but I think its worth a go. They've given us the opening line, "In my experience, those who beg for mercy rarely deserve it."
I've decided to make it a cowboy crime story, with a Sherrif called Sherrif Woods, who people call "Woody" and I'm gonna try and slip as many toy story references in as I can, short of having a deputy called Buzz and a little slinky dog. . . on second thoughts maybe I won't put so many toy story references in.
Anywho, I think the basic idea is gonna be that a man is found dead and a bandit who operates in the area is likely to be blamed, but then the plot thickens, etc. etc.

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