Sunday, 25 April 2010

new idea

I'm working towards writing something that ends with the line,
'. . . as though surfacing from a dream' although I don't know how I'm going to get there yet. I am, however, determined not to write about girls or kissing again, because, juvenile that I am, I know I write about that sort of thing too much. Still, its probably going to take a while to work around to something, but hopefully when I get there it will be fresh / interesting.
I also want to include the line, 'like the water at the top of the mountain, where the rivers just a child', and possibly follow it up with 'like the water dreams of the ocean when it gets too tired.'
Finally, had some reassuring and constructions responses to my short story, 'Sherriff Woods', so am trying to find a moment to go through and edit it into a second draft.

So, that's everything for now.

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