Thursday, 15 April 2010

Reading on Saturday

Looking forward to the reading at Firth Hall (one ofthe University's buildings) this Saturday. Thinking about what I might read, and am struggling a little to decide.
I don't want to read any of the ones I've read before, so am going through all the ones I have and trying to pick a couple. I'd better do it soon or I won't have time to memorise any of them, as I'd like to do at least one from memory. This is one I'm contemplating doing, called, 'Like Rain.' I think its quite likely I'll do this one as I already know it by heart.

Red from the resheathing sun
Bled into the clouds
As though from the wound it left behind
Dissecting the day.

The new bruised sky that welcomed night
was reflected in your expectant eyes
as your lips made the shape of a kiss
closing round the 'o' in my name.

Like rain, falling on thirsty ground,
I laid my hand on the side of your face,
Kissed its delicate curve,
Kissed and kissed again.

I hope you enjoyed it.

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