Friday, 9 April 2010

Sherriff Woods

Written a little more than 3000 words of my short story now, pretty pleased with it and having a good time. So far, 2 toy story references and one o brother where art thou reference, so good times!
I've given a 1600 words version to a friend, will post their response when I get it back.
Once its done and I've sent it in I'll see about posting the first chunk on here or something.


Littlefair said...

..and when will that be?

Corduroycloak said...

'There's a snake in my boots'?

Jonathan said...

well chris, the deadline is the 16th of May, so it may not be till then, though it may well be a little before, as I have now finished the first draft, which I'm waiting for some feedback on from some friends.
So, I suppose we'll have to see how it goes, but certainly no later than the deadline (one would hope).